Friday, August 24, 2007

Great day! $1394 recieved from relaxbuisness

It took them about 4 hours to process my withdrawal. Dont you think it is so great? I make almost 400$ profit for 1000$ investment in roughly 3 weeks. I am gonna reinvest this money. To make sure the system is working well, you should withdraw your money to your e-gold account and reinvest. You can view the proof here.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

withdraw egold money from HYIP and convert to paypal

I am short of cash so now it s time for me to cash a little bit of my money from relaxbusiness investment and get it to my bank account. I withdrawed only $30, because I want reinvest my account balance. Here are the steps that I have done:

1) I make a withdrawal request in member area on relaxbusiness

2) Wait for about 2hrs for the withdrawal to process then check my egold account.

3) Then I contact an exchanger. This time I exchanged with , he is a Vietnamese, he is very reliable too. It takes about 2 days for me to get my paypal. He offered a pretty good rate for trading too. I exchanged with him at the rate 1 egold = 1.05 paypal. The transaction was smooth and easy.

I know you are looking for proofs. Here they are:

- Picture of my money from relaxbusiness and i send my gold to the exchanger.

- Picture of my money in paypal from the exchanger.

You have seen how it is done, so simple, so easy.

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  • Relaxbusiness , my number 1 investing program.

  • 7-forever

  • Online-capital ( I am sorry to say that, this one is under a heavy attack by the hacker. They are doing their best to recover though.)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Steps by Step to fund you e-gold account.

I am sorry. I should have told you how to get your e-gold account at first. But here is it.
Please read and follow my steps. The order in which you do it does not matter.
1) set up an egold account at here. They will require some of your personal information and your e-mail.
2) When you have get you e-gold account set up, you need to fund it:
  • This method is for those who have a bank account. The easiest way and most reliable way is to visit icegold and click on "buy egold" button. Then you will find all the instructions for the transaction. This will require you to have a legal bank account because you will do wire transfer from your bank. Icegold is reliable and experienced company. I have bought 983$ egold from them. You can see that in my e-gold account picture. It takes about a week for me to get the gold.
  • If you do not have a bank account, you will have to trade with smaller exchanger. They accept various types of payment so you can contact them and find the best way that works out for both of you. I have only exchanged 100$ in egold to 96$ paypal once. Here is the guy I have exchanged with . I got my money within hours.
  • If you are in Vietnam, I will recomend you this exchanger I have not done any exchange with him yet. He is very respondsive and helpful. He will answer everything you ask.

Once you have got you e-gold in your account, you are ready to make investment and start making money!!

A little update on my progress in investing. I have got 114$ interest from relaxbusiness but I invest it back in with my principal. My monthly plan in online-capital is about to mature too, I have 84$ interest there. In 7-forever, I have 34$ in balance, they raise the minimum to deposit to 100$ which make my orginal plan to compound my money every week fail. It is still a very reliable program though.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

2 more choices for your investment

Hi everyone!
I have had a busy week so I was not able to update my blog often. But there is a good news for you. I have found 2 more reliable programs for you to choose. To prove you that I am really making money from my investment I will update all the payment I recieved from these program. Here is the proof that I am active and using my money to invest I used to exchange.
The first one is Relax Bussiness. This one has been around for almost year now. It has been running very stable and smoothly. They offer from 12-25% profit per week and you will have a choice to get your principal back after each cycle of investment. I myself have invested 983$ in this program. You can see my proof from the egold image above. My plan is to invest in weekly plan with principal back then reinvest again and again. I have made a deal with a friend in order to split the commission bonus too. RB offer 10% refferal commission so it s pretty good. I will be happy to be your refferer so we can split the commission money. This is my favorite program. If you have any questions please post in the comment or email me.

The second one is 7-forever. This program has been running for 4 months already. They seem very stable and safe. Their plan is 7% on every business day ( mon - fri only). Your principal is included in the profit so you will get roughly 144% of your principal after 1 month. I believe this one will last a long time because they seem very profressional and reasonable in their plan. They offer 7% refferal bonus. I invested in this program 77$. My plan for this program is that i will reinvest my profit after every week. If I compound like that I will be able to get up to 200% my principal after a month.

In a couple day, my monthly plan in OC will mature and I can withraw it. I will post the screenshot here. So come back later to check it out!

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Let's expose the secret.

Hi everyone!

The key to wealth

First of all I want to let you know that this is not a "getting rich in 2 days" guide. If you look for that kind of guide, I will have to say I am sorry. I am sure you all know that money it is not that easy to find. If there is such a guide like that, I will pay any cost to get it. Actually, I have attempted to buy a couple of those books. They are all trash. The author gives you a guide that is impossible to do. For example, a book gives me some tip about gambling online. Gambling is a nice entertainment but it is certainly not a good way to make a good solid income. It has too much risk involved and you can not really control the outcome. One day you can make 1000$ and the next day you will lose 2000$ if you are lucky. I have tried MLM business (multi-level marketing) too. They are not good because people on the top will take your hard-earn money in one way or another. No matter how nicely, and fairly they try to put it, in the end they just want to rob your labor and time. Unless you are extremely lucky, making money is very tough and a lot of risks involved. I am pretty sure you are not that lucky either because you are reading this.

Here I offer you a chance to make more income, a way out for the less fortunate people. We all have 24 hours per day. To make more income, we will have to work extra hours but then we meet a limit that we can not work more than 24 hrs. Finally, we find ourself strap in a limit. The key to get rich is to leverage. You need to get the money sitting in your bank to do something. I am pretty sure all of you must know the concept how money make more money already. The only thing that stop you from doing so must be the fact that you do not know where you can invest your money for a good amount for return. After months of searching way to make money online. I have narrow down the easiest, the quickest way for you make money is to invest in HYIP (high yield interest return).

There are a lot of HYIP (high yield interest payment) sites out there. Most of the time they are scam. However, I can asure you that your money will be safe and profitable in Online Capital. This site has been up and running for over 8 months. It has the best security team to protect your money against hacker. They have flexible plan depend on your interest. The plans vary from 30-60% profit per month. I know talking without proof is not convincing. You can go ahead a look at my history investment from Online capital As you can see I have just invested for only 2 months but i feel confident in the program and i wanna spread the words. You should be confident to invest here and spread the words to help yourself and other make extra money.

You can invest your money by sending money through bank wire transfer or to use e-gold. Using e-gold will be the most convinient way becasue it is fastest and cheapest. To fund you e-gold simply go to open an account and fund it through or you can contact to do a quick and simple trade using your paypal. You can cash out the same way.

They offer great bonus that you get 25$ when you invest 200$ in any plan. You can simply invest in daily plan and get that 25$ for a quick profit or you can let your money there to generate more income. To make even greater income, start refering your friend too because they offer 10% commission minimum.

So what are you still thinking about? Go get started and starting making money now!!!!
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